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Coming Trends

Cut And Bend steel

Today's structures designed by structural engineers around the world need steel rebars to be cut and bent to exact specifications. However, the traditional way of cutting and bending rebars has a number of limitations as it is done manually using unskilled labour . This process is not competent or cost-effective and the required shape is only roughly met. There is also a lot of wastage with unused material being discarded as scrap. It hinders better utilization of space and increases on-site inventory. With Cut And Bend Readyto use steel, customers get solutions that are customized for the specific requirement, made from specialized machinery that eliminates the trouble of scrap disposal. Since the cutting is done in a controlled factory environment.customers do not have to worry about selling/reselling of scrap. 

Advantages of Cut and Bend Services

  • Rebars are cut and bent to exact specifications, ensuring precision and consistency.
  • Cut and bend reinforcement bars do conform to BS 8666.
  • Material wastage is controlled and reduced.
  • Lesser on-site labour is required.
  • Better utilisation of on-site space, logistics and reduction of inventory on-site.
  • In-house processes and procedures that ensure traceability down to the order level
  • Weather independent

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